Isabelle Taylor is a fashion and Textile print designer and soon to be a graduate from the University for the Creative Arts: Rochester. She is currently based in Brighton.

Her Third Year collection ‘its time to go to the beach and enjoy the rides’ is based on her home town Brighton. The concept is based on Brighton beach and Brighton pier. Her collection is inspired by the shapes of the rides, beach architecture and beach and turning them into 3D constructive fashion outfits. Her prints have also been inspired by all things on the beach and pier. Her colour palette full of bright and dark colours to create fun in the collection. She feels her designs and creations best fit with high end and haute couture market. She has made a womenswear Spring/Sumer fashion catwalk collection.

Isabelle’s collection of prints have been inspired by all elements on the beach and rides from the Pier, some examples are shells, i360, Bandstand, food, sweets and rides. She created drawings from using fineliners, paints, inks and did some digital drawings on illustrator. Then she scanned all her drawings in and started creating prints digitally on photoshop.

Her final collection is all digital dye sub printed with lots of embellishment of other materials. She wanted to incorporate different materials and objects to the collection as it brought the ideas to life. Her dress is shaped as a helta skelta which is a ride on the pier and she wanted to bring all the elements that she was inspired by to the dress. So she added a 3D slide, fairy lights and acrylic circles to bring all the elements of ride together; the noise, the fun and the lights. Her second outfit is of a carousel skirt with two tops which is inspired by a carousel and beach architecture. She has embellished this outfit with making handmade pompoms out of knitting wool and acrylic i360s, again it was to show the noise and atmosphere of the outfit. Overall her collection is fun, colourful and exciting, bringing 3D objects into the fashion creations.

All her outfits in the collection has a different theme but all within the concept of Brighton beach and pier. Outfit 1 is of a helta skelta dress, print is of rides and rides names. Outfit 2 is of a carousel skirt with two tops, print is of beach huts, zip wires and i360s. Outfit 3 is of i360 puff trousers with a top that has 3D circles and donut shape shoulders, print is of sweets and lolly pops. Outfit 4 is of candy stick shorts with a top that has 3D shells on, print is of shells, tickets and beach inflatables. Her outfits are all 3D throughout her collection with many embellishments and manipulations. Prints are full of different motifs and colours all fitting in with her concept.