Iz.akunna is a fashion design graduate specialising in womenswear and print based in London.

Full of ideas, she loves being Imaginative and have a strong eye for digital print and textiles. Isabel’s inspiration comes from mixing her two cultures Nigerian and Norwegian, maximalism meets minimalism. The explosion of colour on clean designs. A production of a fashionable aesthetic with the use of unique prints, and bold silhouettes.

For her final year collection, she wanted to shed light on the environmental damage the fashion industry is causing. If we don’t change our habits and find new, more eco- friendly ways to print and dye fabric, the use of toxic chemicals and oil spills are ruining the earth’s nature and polluting peoples drinking water.

Due to the COVID- 19, Iz.akunna had to come up with new innovative ways of showcasing her collection. These difficult times have made Iz.akunna find new ways to work. She reused fabric from sourced clothing, and old toiles. Then Iz.akunna used a projector to project her print images on the toiles. This shows what Iz.akunna’s clothes would look like in its final fabric.