Jaehyeong Bak is menswear designer of label ‘Jak Bae’. He had studied computer science at university when he was in South Korea, but he stopped studying and then came here to London to study fashion design. Recently, he graduated from BA Fashion Design and Technology Menswear at London College of Fashion. He is interested in history, primitive and ancient technology, engineering, machinery and robot toys, all of this stuff are the background of his inspiration.

Jaehyeong considers every single part even marginal presence also. He trusts that it has an impact on the visual highly stacking trace of this consideration. So, he seeks to combine original factors which are small and high maintenance systematically rather than outstanding factors having great impact.

His graduate collection 'Wearable Toy' contains research and development to create original concept wear which is assembly garment. It is inspired by robot toys. The toy does not have to be only practical, so he chooses a toy as the main theme. He wants to design a garment that has various potential, not only to concentrate on function.