Jessica Davies is a multidisciplinary textile designer who primarily specialises in knitted fabrics. With her recent research on pollution influencing her practice, Jessica’s aim is to develop low impact, environment-friendly fabrics that offer an alternative to the polluting synthetic materials that are a constant threat to our planet.

As a recent graduate from Central Saint Martins studying BA Textile Design, Jessica developed a keen interest for sustainability which coincides with developing techniques and knowledge to create knitted fabrics that could address the on-going problems our planet is facing daily. Jessica believes that by knitting and working with mainly natural fibres, she could tackle the over-use of man-made synthetic material within the fashion industry.

Jessica’s project “Do Not Wash” explores the journey of a single garment whilst discovering when and where plastic microfibre shedding mostly occurs, whether that being through over-use or over-washing. Jessica created a collection inspired by her findings when writing her dissertation and created fabrics that would offer an alternative solution towards our threatened environment whilst being aesthetically pleasing.