Jiaxin Wu is known as a woman’s fashion designer both in China and London, who obtains a bachelor’s degree from China Academy of Art and continues to pursue for a Master's degree in Fashion Design at Kingston School of Art in London. Devoted to the overlooked around beauty, she can always find the creating inspiration in the life. It can be seen that the overall restrained and exquisite style is her long-term pursuit in design. In addition, it also shows strong sense of contemporary art and special Oriental culture charming.

Jiaxin enjoys breaking through the standards and norms in traditional fashion system by combing various fields, such as finding out interesting casual elements and reflecting the neglected issues. By brainstorming, it becomes easy for her to connect her fantastic ideas with the fashion design and apply them to the structure and shape, so as to avoid being boring and mediocre. As for Jiaxin’s design intention, she really hopes to use her works to define her own beauty, enabling people to enjoy visual pleasure and realize taste improvement.