With a strong passion for colour and beauty, Jiayan Diao is an undergraduate textile designer based in London. Jiayan is pursuing her BA at Central Saint Martins, she currently specialises in textile design, experimenting in both knitted and woven design.

As a mark-maker, multi-media illustrator and visual storyteller, Jiayan loves to listen to the stories and transform them into textiles with different techniques and colours. For the collection ‘Space in between-Deeper,’ Jiayan visited various war museums. She did various illustrations through emotions and made them into collages of faces and doves which became her inspirations. Through the collection, she wants to create a colourful world and send messages of peace and hope. Her collections constantly explore ways to incorporate a sustainable element, with this particular collection doing so through the re-construction and repurposing of charity shop pieces only. Using key themes from the punk rock subculture, Lillie explored various different techniques such as dying, layering, reconstructing and painting; giving the garments a new lease of life. Her collection also used fabric, silhouette and colour to explore freedom, energy, rebellion and individuality in a world where one should be a good, polite girl.