Joanna Kur is a womenswear designer with a passion for textiles, especially print. She developed a creative personal identity inspired by the juxtaposition of contrasting elements. Influenced by the past and using collage as the main medium, she designs garments with a woman in mind who identifies herself as an individual who is strong but feminine at the same time.

Before moving to the UK she studied Cultural Studies with a specialization in graphic design at Pomeranian School of Higher Education (PWSH) in Poland. She graduated from Kingston University with a MA degree in Fashion last year and completed a Graduate Diploma in Fashion Design Technology at the London College of Fashion in 2017. Currently, she is based in London.

Joanna created her final MA collection of four looks with unique prints by combining delicate floral motifs of the 70s-inspired dresses with alternative youth subcultures and collaborated on traditional folk embroidery with Kashubian craftswomen.