Born in Singapore to a family of Chinese descent, Joash Teo’s love of fashion was discovered at a young age, displaying a natural talent for sewing and drapery of couture garments. His manipulations techniques and sculptural forms extend the boundary of the body. They look protective and insulating, with curved lines and folds that generate a feeling of guarded femininity. Drawing inspiration from the natural geometry of the human body, he works in the 3D, using defying the restrictions of 2-dimensional pattern-making through a combination of couture draping and savoir fare tailoring.

At age 17, he would apply himself as a tailor for hire, an endeavour that would elevate his skills alongside amidst his formal education. He would begin university during his last year of high school, applying his talents in varying fields resulting in forays into wearable robotics, 3D modelling and multiyear collaborations with indigenous art communities. He would also be afforded the opportunity to learn the commerce of fashion, having interned for two seasons at 2019 Paris Fashion Week’s main and pre-season.

Joash has since graduated with a Bachelor of Design with honours from QUT (Queensland University of Technology), from which his body of work later awarded as ‘QLD Fashion Design Graduate of the Year 2020’ from the Design Institute of Australia. Alongside a diverse roster of international couture clientele, he currently creates under Joteo, his namesake label established in his 2018 sophomore year. He has received further acclaim with exhibitions in Artisan Australia’s boutique gallery, inclusion in Bura Singapore’s ‘SFW Best Dressed List’ and a shortlisting for IMG’s Next Generation Prize.