Joeley Sutton is a menswear designer who specialises in gnder fluid design, she is a fashion researcher who’s interests lay in androgyny and the role of fashion and music in performance. Sutton studies at De Montfort University in Leicester and will be graduating this year. The inspiration behind ‘The Androgynous Performer’ collection came from my love of 70’s psychedelic rock music. Musical icons like Bowie and Jagger are an ongoing influence that travelled through the concept into the final outcomes. The original concept started off as research into surreal psychedelia and the link between this and rock music, pulling my love for drawing and painting I pulled in surreal artwork and combined my drawing skills together to create a dreamlike print. Part of the concept was this idea of escaping to another fantasy like world through androgyne and performance. Combining these ideas all together gave me the influence to create garments fit for an extravagant ‘performer’ on stage.

I believe that everyone can be androgynous and that fashion is the factor that has a role in androgyny rather than androgyny being the role in fashion. For me the message is about identity and how to embrace one’s full androgynous self using the power of music and fashion. I truly believe the future of fashion is gender fluid. For me what is most beautiful of one gender’s charactertics is of another’s characteristics. It’s the ambiguity of exploring masculine and feminine features as one through on’s own identity that is beautiful.