John Bate with a passion for nature, pushing boundaries is a “fine-industrial” jewellery designer based in Kent.

During the time when he was pursuing his BA in Goldsmithing, Silersmithing and Jewellery, John had always been focused on designing around naturally occurring patterns and models within nature and living organisms. John’s aesthetic stems from his love of aeronautical, automotive and industrial design that pushed this innovation to create what he calls a “Fine-industrial” aesthetic.

Nowadays, his collections still take inspiration from nature, through naturally occurring patterns. These complex, yet elegant designs, follow his “Fine-industrial” aesthetic, with each piece having its own personality. It his aim with his upcoming collections to produce from fair-trade silver and gold, as well as other recyclable eco metals.

His ultimate aim for his work is to be renowned and respected for continuously pushing boundaries, by using new techniques and technologies within my work.