Yoon Park studied menswear design at London College of Fashion, graduating with a bachelor of menswear design degree in June 2021.

He has explored about curved and distorted silhouettes from the first project to the final collection at London College of Fashion. Yoon made efforts to create a garment which could be constantly transformed. He also considered ways to incorporate a sustainable element with unlimited transformations.

As he shift to distortion and deformation, Yoon experimented various ways not only up cycling, patchwork, and textiles, but also lots of wires and bonings. The final collection showed a unique and aesthetic designs inspired by insect-metamorphosing. He did with the more natural silhouettes: the blazer jacket that look like an insect casing or carapace, the coat with fedora patterns that, as he put it in his notes, “just like a virus, it's mutating”, the boning jackets and trousers twisted and distorted. He finally channeled a natural and biomorphic silhouettes and giving clues to the unlimited transforming clothes that he will make in the future.