Having completed her BA in Fashion in South Korea, Joohye Emma Park moved to London to pursue her MA degree in Fashion at Kingston University. Her graduate collection is a manifesto which talks about the emancipation of women’s bodies, focused particularly on feminism. Her investigation into feminism has led her to question herself: whether she was a genuine feminist, or simply a trend follower. This contributed on her thinking about the authenticity with an additional question: Why has she become a feminist?

She thought back on her school days to question if she was an angry and rebellious teenager. The answer to that question was yes, in certain respects. She has become naturally interested in exploring conformity and countercultural rebels, which represents her identity.

At that time, she lived within a close proximity to the criminal neighbourhoods. The majority of the population there were poor, whilst her family was considered to be relatively wealthy.

Some of her childhood friends soon got involved with groups of gangs, committing crimes and skipping school while her other friends remained good students, thus keeping themselves on the right track.

Given the geographical and relationship constraints, she often found herself tore between the middle of the two groups. What caused her anger was the wild assumptions that other people had made about her, from a variety of twisted and uninformed angles.