For Jope Schneider the work becomes most exciting when different approaches mix, and thus new starting points and concepts emerge. Play and fun are at the very beginning for Jope because it allows for a gather of an incredible amount of experience while playing and can thus constantly push the process forward. He views play as a conversation between the head and its ideas and the hands and their skills. Both sides encourage and challenge each other.

There are no mistakes in Jope’s creative work. Every mistake holds the potential to rethink something and take it to a higher level. In his creative work, problems are hurdles that force a diversion on which experience situations would not otherwise have encountered. Therefore, every problem is something positive. The problem becomes a puzzle and a challenge. Jope tries to set himself more and more difficult puzzles in order to solve them afterwards.

What fascinates him about fashion is that an idea becomes real and tangible. The product can be worn by a body and starts to move. The movement becomes a performance. Asking questions such as: ‘How can I change the structure of the garment to make the performance more unique?’ In addition, everybody is built differently and therefore performs in a differentiated way. The body plays with the clothes and the clothes play with the body.


Photographer: @baqabond