Intrigued by sensory memory and psychology questionings arise from her everydayness, Joyce Li is a womenswear designer who turns her observation into interactive experience through fashion.

During her time pursuing BFA in fashion design in Parsons School of Design, Joyce had always been inspired by the relationship between garments and a wearer’s body and mind recollection. She had realized that designing clothes should encompass designing experience for a wearer.

In Joyce’s most recent collection, Monologue, she applied a system outside of fashion, the engineering of children’s pop-up books, to emphasize the importance of privacy and distance to humanity. Monologue consists 5 looks, each one with utilitarian function of expanding into safe spaces. A dress that turns into a sleeping back, a blazer with collar that transforms into face shield, coat with extendable sliding collar are completed with soft washes of colours only visible to the wearer. Monologue is beyond a fashion collection, it collaborates with its audience to designing their one of a kind sanctuary.