Junghee Yoon is a craft artist and a knit designer. Her work incorporates humour and playful wit. She explores how ordinary, undervalued things can inspire unique, creative objects, and how her work can get people involved in art and design in their daily lives. Through her individual design processes, she produces inventive, and playful work that sits across that categories of craft and design.

Her work explores doodling, which everyone does. This has led her to produce a series of humorous, playful knitted and crochet works focusing on the undervalued details of everyday life. Her works, which were influenced by the current pandemic situation, can be sculptural and artistic objects, as well as functional accessories for daily use. During her self-isolation she has recorded her daily doodling through crochet, rather than through pen and paper. This has helped her to overcome anxiety and stress. The work produced aims to encourage people to value the overlooked in their daily lives through sharing and playing with her work in their own way.