With a keen eye for upcycling and rejuvenation, Juntao(Asa) Ouyang is recently graduated with a master’s degree in Jewellery Design from the Istituto Europeo Di Design Roma and completed her undergraduate coursework in jewelry design at Central St. Martins School of Art. She has won several international competitions, including the prestigious Winterson Prize in 2019. Her work embodies youthful conceptualism within the commercial context and strives to intersect the beauty of art and design with technology.

Until Spring 2021, Juntao is pursuing her Master in Jewellery Design at IED Istituto Europeo di Design, she will be taking a place in Milano Jewellery week at October 2022 20th - 23rd.

This collection is named "Ouyang T - Jewellery on Techknoladge". It mainly focuses on the new wearability and possibility of jewellery, with this innovation collection doing so through collaborating wearing style with techknowladge.

"Ouyang T" is separated into two-part, rings and earrings. All design forms are inspired by digital icons. Ring collection begins with a "Begin". Begin to play, begin to wear, begin to rekindle our human relationship with technology that threads through and around our lives. You wear Begin as a ring; your phone wears Begin as a ring. Earring collection starts with a "Start". Wear them alone or with AirPods, the result is the same: A start, a star turn, an embellished step towards connecting the jewelry with which you greet the world to the technology that makes that world turn.

Interpretative text by Melanie Khorshidian .