Central Saint Martins BA(Hons) Fashion Print graduate Junyi Ye after growing up in a village in Spain, Junyi entered into a new artistic terrain to begin creative career at Central Saint Martins. Previously worked at Victoria Beckham and Rok Hwang (Rokh). With influences from artist like Anna Uddebergh as well as inspired by the Middle East countries Junyi’s work aims to transform ordinary things into contemporary fashion designs while breaking through the boundaries of traditional clothing by using non-traditional materials.

The energy of integrating fashion into life by modifying the fundamentals is what Junyi pursues in the future creations.

Junyi wants to create this hybrid fashion where ugly becomes beautiful considering that fashion itself is the essential thing that keeps you in comfort so in terms of fabrication is to challenge on using unexpected materials that has some sort of nature and to elevate this, to build a story behind.