Kaidi NIng is a knitwear designer now based in China. She just finished her undergraduate study at the University of the Arts London and will pursue her MFA in Fashion design and Society at Parsons this fall.

With the background of textile design specialism in knitting, she has the advantage of making and playing with the textile. There is no doubt that in her future collection, she will continue researching and developing the perfect combination of the knit pieces and fabric. Kaidi is also aiming to express the spirit of Chinese traditional culture through her designs towards the world.

Kaidi Ning always appreciates and believed that different beauty reveals by different gender, different beauty comes from different countries. Her designs philosophy explores the remixing of Western and Eastern culture, redefinition of gender. As a knitwear designer and well trained in pattern cutting, she loves to innovate new textiles and drape deconstruction silhouettes. In her future collection, what Kaidi aims to prove is the combination of elegant form of ancient Chinese women and the unisex statement of modern days.