Karina is a textile design graduate with a keen interest in Sustainable Fashion. She believes that a design must be well-thought and carries elements to expand its life cycle as it is beneficial to the environment. Her daily surroundings continuously contribute to her creative process, from her favorite entertainments such as movies and theatre to the hustle-bustle of her home, Jakarta. Other than that she is very curious and eager to learn new topics especially fashion history and fashion in cinema.

Inspired by the Wong Kar-Wai classic, In The Mood For Love, her collection tries to capture the very essence of metamorphosis as told in the movie. A contemporary translation of the tone and feel through a deconstruction of its story structure. The story is broken up then represented into six stages and due to the pandemic, three of which were produced for the collection while the rest were reproduced through digital imagery (3D).

Nearly 14 months of experimentation and research in trying to interpret Wong Kar-Wai’s masterpiece leads Karina to a fascinating creation process. It not only added to her enjoyment and the overall value of In The Mood For Love, it also combined the two forms of art the she is most fond with: cinema and fashion. Both mediums, as Marie Kondo would say, “spark joy” inside. She took her time in settling for each mood and stewing over each aesthetic and material choices which is shown in her effort towards sustainable fashion, she up-cycled deadstock fabric or post-production waste fabrics to produce the three outfits. It is a testament to her willingness in pushing beyond and develop as a designer that she herself also blossomed a personal and distinct style derived from a subject material that is already so rich in one.