Kelsey Anna Sprudd is a unisex fashion designer based in Cardiff and London. RATILJÓST, an Icelandic phrase meaning “enough light to navigate”, is her latest unisex outdoor inspired collection which mixes an urban and functional aesthetic with a longing to reconnect with an undisturbed natural landscape.

While she was pursuing her degree in Fashion Design at the University of South Wales, Kelsey has been focused on how to mix contrasting yet harmonising elements in order to produce clothing inspired by arctic living for urban survival.

With a passion for fashion graphics, print design and branding, her collection has taken inspiration from a trip to Iceland in 2016. By selecting certain images from her own photography, Kelsey created a muted colour palette to use for her prints, garments and accessories within the RATILJÓST collection. Each look was inspired by a different outdoor activity based in Iceland, whether that be; Scuba Diving, Ice Climbing, Glacier Hiking or White-Water Rafting. Therefore, there was careful consideration into technical and performance fabrics as well as including recycled and sustainable sources which were all suited for their purpose.