Every piece in Kigen’s collection “Give Me A Hand” is designed to highlight particular utilities of the body: for example, the hand as a notepad, the lap as a table and the arms as a pillow. The objects only become functional when worn on the body as jewellery, suggesting the way we use the body as a prop.

Kigen’s pieces remind us that our smallest, most unconscious daily gestures possess functionalities, and that the possibilities of the body are forgotten. It is not simply what we wear that defines us, but how we wear it.

Kigen has always been fascinated by jewellery’s ability to empower and bring confidence to those who wear it, this inspires him to create pieces that amplify these emotions whilst being both thought-provoking and beautiful.

Recently, Kigen have been reimagining jewellery as an extension to the body and challenging his own perceptions of conventional silhouettes, techniques and materials.