Konrad ‘Ally’ Jankowiak is a designer that commits himself to three main qualities: fun, equality and unity. His work always contains a strong message that is either based on his experiences or the people around him.

During his time at the University of Northampton, Ally treated every project personal. Through his time there he developed a strong identity in his work and always aimed to arouse emotions in his targeted audience.

Ally always described himself as a ‘dream chaser’. In his final major project, he decided to go a step further and develop his way of presenting his final collection. He created six looks based on his closest friends and incorporated their stories into the designs with a series of short comic books that will give the audience a deeper look into his message. His collections constantly incorporate themes from comic book literature and cartoons, that Ally used to watch and read as a child. Each of his design begins with making up a story and a question ‘Who are you?’. He treats his illustrations as human beings that have personal stories and stands for what they believe. As a designer, he loves to experiment with different kind of fabrics and is not afraid of a challenge or controversial outcome.