Kristine Reiner is an artist who has always had a love for everything creative and specialises in contemporary painting with roses. Her passion for art flourished while she was studying at the University of Sioux Falls , where she studied Graphic Design and Multimedia Production; along with actively taking part in Fine Art courses, helping her gain confidence in her art skills.

Kristine’s work focuses heavily on the use of roses and incorporates them into her paintings to add a level of texture and dimension. However, they hold a deeper meaning to Kristine. She was inspired to use roses when a man she didn’t want any contact with sent her $400 worth of roses. She found this gesture very random and made her incredibly uncomfortable. She turned this negative situation around and used the roses as a symbol of harassment in her art. By doing this she channelled her feelings of the emotional and physical trauma that she had experienced growing up into her paintings. Kristine aims to highlight the real issues of harassment and ensure that people who have had similar experiences do not feel alone.