My name is Ksenia Perevalova, I am a designer and patternmaker by profession, an artist by nature. In Russia, my native country, I received my first education in fine arts and design, following my childhood love for drawing and creativity. Then for 4 years I worked as a stylist for a family-owned womenswear company, experimenting with different styles, techniques, fabrics and colors. I tried to substantiate every project I was working on with a deep philosophy, paying attention to historical codes and artistic aspects.

4 years ago I moved to France and completed my second education in fashion at ESMOD Paris with a Bachelor degree in fashion design and patternmaking. The result of this education was a graduation collection of women's clothing "Vorogeya". Nostalgia for the homeland, as well as the call to turn to your origins, traditions, and the culture of your ancestors, runs like a red thread through the collection. The Russian theme is not new in fashion, but I wanted to express my personal, original and modern interpretation of it. I looked at the Russian costume through a mystical and psychedelic prism, through the trend of spirituality which is relevant in modern society. This is where the mysterious hoods, very long sleeves, Slavic symbols covered with shamanic elements, and bright colors come from. Vorogeya proclaims the lost romanticism and femininity, the connection with nature and between people, she is about originality, authenticity and artistry in fashion.

Creation of collections, fashion is the place where all my skills as an artist, designer and experimenter come together, where I can fully express my universe. I immerse myself in each of my projects, I completely surrender myself to the creative flow, because without a passionate attitude to the profession in fashion you cannot succeed. My style, expressed in my collection created at ESMOD Paris, is a combination of my artistic skills, my love for Russian culture and French fashion techniques. I hope it will find a response in your hearts.