Kyla Holden is a final year Fashion Design student studying at De Montfort University. Originally, she is from a small town based in Nottingham, and completed a 2-year college course at Nottingham College, where she found her interest with menswear. Throughout her time at De Montfort, Kyla discovered that fashion has many avenues and pushes our ideas and interests into what direction of fashion we associate ourselves with. My reasons for choosing De Montfort was the knitwear integration within the course. This was an area she had no knowledge of but when seeing students work, Kyla enjoyed the playful textures that were achieved and having full control of creating your own fabric.

In comparison to this project of ‘Survival of the fittest’, Kyla has started to really identify with mixing contrasting prints and colours together. Her inspiration draws from designers and artists such as: Walter Van Beirendonck, Tara Babylon, Leutton Postle, Zandra Rhodes, Parker Day and Yayoi Kusama. Kyla strongly believes all of these creators have a unique approach with colours and prints and use them in a dominating way. Tara Babylon’s most recent collection is hugely inspiring to her at the moment. Kyla finds the mixture of textiles and using unconventional materials alongside very bright colours make the collection very energetic, as well as blending gender identity.

For her project ‘Survival of the fittest’, this was the first collection Kyla started to find her identity with the colour yellow. Within many of her projects, there is always a clear link to this particular colour, as she associates this with happiness and vibrancy. What first inspired her to create this project was when she came across climbing gear that was found at a garage sale. By researching further into variations of climbing, she was drawn towards people who have attempted or succeeded to climb mount Everest. She found a long history of this practice, as well as the evolution of the garments and accessories worn by the climbers themselves. She really enjoyed utilising these elements together and to also create a collection that was technically challenging to make.