Lamp Lee is a London based fashion designer, whose work involves transformable materials, technical interactions and philosophy. She completed a bachelor's degree at South China University of Technology in 2016 and is currently studying MA Fashion Menswear at the Royal College of Art, dedicated to transforming sensory experience into wearable art. She believes that fashion is what happens around our bodies, and is a way of expressing our own experience of the world from our own perspective. Combining the language of material and structure with the "body", can evoke deeply reflection on the initial topic; it dialectically explores the perceptual changes caused by the dichotomy between subjective intention and objective logic.

“The work discusses the erasure of prejudices. It expresses the composition of rality is an absolute contradiction between subjective intension and objective logic. Using pleating and laser cutting to create multiple layers around the body, emphasizing the penetration and coordination between opposite beings.”