Laura Grisci's passion for art and creation led her to start her own jewellery design company at the age of 19. Alongside her future University degree, in Product Design, she also has completed the full course in Jewellery Making at Criativitá Escola de Joalheria, and is now pursuing her career in Costume Design, as she took part in Phil Boutte's Costume Concept Design course in the last two months.

Now, at age 21, Laura's objective is to create new intriguing, symbolic and timeless designs for both day to day use and tv/ film costume garments, always expanding her knowledge through new courses and research and working towards better manufacturing and material solutions for her pieces.

Each of her designs are created to empower those who wear it, encourage a more conscious and responsible consumption of material objects and stimulate the curiosity for learning more about the history that brought humanity to this point.