Cutforth & Conquer is an ethically responsible footwear brand by London College of Fashion Graduate Lauren Cutforth having recently completed a First Class BA (hons) Cordwainers: Footwear, Product Design & Innovation course.

With the unique combination of playfulness, innovation and sustainability, she hopes to turn ethical fashion on its head: "Im sick to DEATH of boring sustainable brands with half hearted messages instilled in every creation. My mission is to be the FIRST ethical footwear brand that saves bees with every product purchased. We don't use anything that isn’t organic, we simply stick our middle finger up to pesticides. We will also be donating 7.5% of profits to local bee keeping communities so that they can grow their colonies as well as generating a further 10% of profits towards our own green footprint research."

This season's look “Disco Never Dies” combines 70’s disco, Public transport emergency equipment and Bond girls with Mata Hari at the forefront of the inspiration. It tells a story of a new Bond Girl who has to save the tube from an attack but MUST be at the disco before 8pm!

The main design aesthetics feature flamboyantly embellished uppers with a twist on modernity by creating 3D printed aspects, we have also re-imagined the 1970s platform to make you go groooovy baby, however, as with a spy, all is not what it seems with the shoes concealing hidden gadgets. For this, Cutforth & Conquer incorporated an ‘emergency hammer’ 3D printed heel, a must have accessory for any agent willing to take active measures quickly.

So fun, it should be illegal.