Lavinia Bo believes that an object’s meaning and value is most deeply understood through touch, so consequently, materiality has been a theme that runs throughout her work.

Whilst studying BA Jewellery Design at Central Saint Martins she has always been intrigued by how materials are manipulated and changed. She enjoys experimenting with the texture, form and weight of her jewellery to highlight or disrupt natural material qualities and achieve something that is unexpected, possibly unrecognisable and unique. Lavinia’s graduate collection is no different. Using wax to capture and preserve passing moments in someone’s life, she has designed a collection of commemorative jewellery.

The pieces are responsive, picking up knocks, scrapes and damage that change the designs in unique ways and trace the wearer’s experiences. The jewellery is shaped in the form of a number that specifies the hours, days or weeks over which the changes took place.

Once worn, the pieces are preserved through lost wax casting; a process that solidifies the imprints in gold to reflect the preciousness of the memory that has been captured. This final, lasting, symbolic piece permanently memorialises moments that would normally be lost. The jewellery becomes an irreplaceable record or commemoration of those moments.