Lawrence Chieh-Min Chang, a New York based designer, is a craftsman who focuses on creating artistic, provoking, yet elegant silhouettes for the heroine-to-be woman. He often combines traditional garment-making techniques with modern technology and materials; believing that innovative design is the key to preserving the past, and forging the future.

Born and raised in Taiwan, Lawrence has developed a love for the mechanisms behind the function of creations and seeks change for improvements. He has studied the structure behind a wide variety of subjects in order to develop ideas for innovation. “How is it made, and how can I make it better?” is a question he often asks himself when creating.

Having started his career in fashion as an apprentice in a pattern making studio, Lawrence has built great knowledge in silhouette developments and couture garment engineering that has become his solid foundation in the design process. He always incorporates the observe-and-alter

Lawrence’s aesthetic is defined by his rebellious spirit through avant-garde tailoring, as he thrives to find a new horizon amidst the great frontier of the future. His inspiration, drawn from science, sculpture, and social phenomenon, is combined with engineered pattern-making technique and futuristic elements.