Her 3rd semester collection „Can you hear me now?!“ discuss the social situation of the hearing impaired and the revolutionary development of hearing aids. At the beginning of the 18th century people with a hearing disorder were excluded from the society and were treated with less respect. Today a lot has changed. As a person affected, she has been wearing hearing aids since her childhood, she knows the difficulties that arise in everyday situations. These designs should show the world that hearing impaired people are a “normal” and natural part of our society. A hearing aid should not be hidden, but worn proudly, like a unique accessory.

Her collection is based on a bright colore palette, especially the colors red and blue and their different shades, which represent the two graphs in a audiogram. Red for the right ear and blue for the left ear.

Every Outfit tells an unique story based on my hearing disorder experiences and the historical development from the first hearing aid until now.