Lenny Vuitton is truly a dreamer; from inside his surreal conscious out fly creatures with three eyes and slimey noses turning into elaborate doodles and garments. This collection takes a daring yet exciting approach in Lenny’s mission to dismantle society's expectations. A lifestyle brand that unifies art and fashion while drawing relations to every aspect of life. This cult-like lifestyle is truly a FUCK YOU to the standards of the fashion industry and society. These clothes aim to inspire those who want to escape reality.

“Originally a painter, I now use clothing to act as my mobile canvas.” Being a graffiti artist Lenny is inspired by dismantling and recreating; taking common iconography and remixing it as his own. Something about doing what’s provocative or different is so enticing to people. Lenny states that infusing his grimy art with luxury clothes is like "spray painting on a train car and sending it off into the world for the public to see, for some to enjoy and for others to despise. Unlike canvas art, I create clothes because they aren't just hanging on someone's wall for very few to see; these are my mobile canvas.

With my mobile canvasesI aim to destroy the expectations that society holds on masculinity, culture, race, gender, art and fashion. From graffiti to the utmost wealthy, my eclectic designs merge and juxtapose various cultures, styles, interests, and lifestyles. A lot of my inspiration resonates from the streets and the art within these various street cultures. Being around graffiti and street artists I pull a lot of inspiration from these different cultures that either break the rules or have no rules… My aesthetic is constantly changing and evolving with time, while my inspirations remain eclectic and resonate with the experience of life.

Lenny recently graduated with an MFA in Fashion Design from Fashion Institute of technology(FIT), he plans to persue his own brand and stay in NYC. Lenny does free lance work for other designers on the side and says, “Sometimes it is nice to free the mind by doing something that is instructed or differnt. These jobs helps me to practice garemnt constructionthat I might not normally do when making my own clothes, it’s a good way to exercise outside of your normal design comfort zone.” Lenny has been featured on artists such as Cardi B, Smoke Purp.