Liza Agarwal’s love for mix media and abstract drives the form exploration and texturing of the collection. The collection is designed to be timeless as water has been there forever, hence not limiting it to any seasons or trend. The colour scheme comprises hues and shades of blues as its most reflected colour by water. Pink, purple and gold has been taken as accent colours as they are conjointly reflected by water reckoning on the environmental factors. Tie-dyes such as batik, shibori and dip dying are used to get the visual movement of water. Pleating and recycled printed plastics enhance the visual moment in the silhouette. In her collection she has been mindful to always incorporate sustainable elements so as the goal behind the project is not lost.

Liza feels that the current scenario asks for more light on water pollution, and this doesn’t solely need to reach the audience, but also be synced within their thoughts. Hence she has beautified this collection, as beauty travels faster than information or reality.