‘Hereafter' is an exciting zero waste project offering new opportunities in how to approach the design, production and consumption of fashion.

Designer Lollo Waern (LCF BA Womenswear graduate) is delivering a series of ethical designs that avoid synthetic materials and fibre blends, instead embracing natural plant based mono fibre fabrics, which are all organic or sustainably certified.

The collection has implemented ‘made-to-last’ construction techniques that promotes garment longevity, as well as establishing ‘End-of-life’ plans for each piece. This means clients can invest in a collection that has carefully considered an eco friendly disposal strategy for a garment that is no longer wanted. ‘Hereafter’s use of organic cotton, tencel and bamboo allows for all pieces to be easily up-cycled, recycled or biodegraded. The zero waste pattern cutting techniques have also resulted in a 15% reduction in material waste.

Waern recognises that effective and sustainable environmental change can only happen if we are willing to share our ideas and practices. To achieve this, she has made her designs and pattern lay plans available for free on her website.

Waern is evidently passionate about challenging the misconception that ethically driven practices (as encapsulated by ZWPC techniques), could stifle creativity or inhibit the freedom to produce aesthetically pleasing designs. ‘Hereafter’ offers contemporary and desirable clothes, by boldly juxtaposing two distinct styles. She has successfully blended Scandinavian minimalism, with its restrained and practical designs, with a playfulness and exuberance encapsulated by 80s and 90s science fiction.

‘Hereafter’ gives today’s discerning and environmentally aware woman a tantalising new option for investing in a brand that shares her belief in style, quality and eco friendly credentials.