Louise Desoeuvre is a french Womenswear designer based in Paris and Brittany. With a passion for storytelling and archives, she aims to create meaningful and powerful designs. Louise studied her BA in Fashion Design at Bath Spa University. She had always been focused on how cultural heritage can be preserved and endlessly reinterpreted. She is also very much inspired by youth subcultures and by the dialogue between identity, culture and dress through the time. Passionate about the meaning of dress in relation to culture, her research is grounded in sociology, fashion, anthropology, folklore and history. Her multi-cultural background is a key point in her creative development, her mother being half Breton and half Russian.

She often uses menswear as an inspiration and likes the idea of women wearing men’s clothes. Her A/W 20 graduate collection ‘Magnificence of the East’ took inspiration from her Great-Grand-Father, Ivan Ivanovitch, a Cossack who was obligated to leave Russia during the Revolution in the early 20th Century. She wanted to give an emotional and powerful tribute to her ancestors, who have lost everything after the war but who always kept their dignity. Louise was inspired by their strength and elegance to create powerful designs. She was also inspired by the Romanov family, Nicholas II, last Tsar of Russia and by their tragic lives after seing ‘the Last Tsar, Blood and Revolution’ exhibition in London. Juxtaposing the traditional structured Cossack military uniforms with sheer, fluid organza garments allowed Louise to create unusual and unexpected silhouettes.

Louise aims to create garments for elegant, strong and audacious women. She likes marginalised characters. Her collections constantly incorporate historical archives, allied with modern elements and inspiring characters.