In the midst of a global pandemic, we find ourselves ‘finally’ having time to reflect on where we come from. Being a second generation Middle-Eastern immigrant, Louise feels part of a ‘neo-diaspora’. Sent on what appears like a reverse-crusade to restate how ‘our’ stories are told and regroup around common inquiries.

Being of mixed heritage (raised between French-countryside-quietude and the always-boisterous Beirut) and a globe-trotter BC (Before Covid), has allowed her to train a ‘fugitive’ identity, navigating intricate cultural landscapes and politics.

After a baccalaureate in Applied Arts at the École Boulle (Paris), she graduated from a BA at the Design Academy of Eindhoven (NL) in Political and Social Design. She now just completed her master studies in Visual Communication at the Royal College of Art of London.

Her approach to Visual Communication is intuitive and nourished by ‘on-the-field’ media archeology, bringing forward relevant story-telling. Her research focuses on developing conversational works, using collaborative methodologies drawing on ideas of collective memory, ’filmic politics’ and cooperative broadcasting. Being part of video production/direction teams (and a ‘cinéphile’) has allowed her to expand her knowledge of moving-image as a preferred medium.

Her graduation project; MINI STUDIO: The story of the lost VHS and the vulnerable archivist, is an experimental documentary on a a kids show tape gone missing. An autodidact and aspiring archivist seeks a lost archive, unpacking a controversial yet familiar MENA kids show she grew up watching as an expat.

Director’s statement [extract]


March 2020, the Great Lockdown. Louise, French-Lebanese expatriate in London rejoins her family home in France. One afternoon, she plunges herself in a nostalgic frenzy, watching home videos with her parents. One of them catches her attention. Murr TV Studios in Naccache, Beirut, September 4th 2002. A 6 minutes recording of her 5-year-old-self participating in 90’s MENA’s leading kids show; Mini Studio. Filmed sneakily backstage, this short life extract triggers an observation by her parents. “You know this episode never made it on TV, right?” A minute comment that will settle Louise on a quest to find out about what happened to this episode’s tape and why it never got broadcasted. ,/p>