With a passion for reaching out and discovering the raw beauty of others within different cultures, Lydia Jackson is a womenswear designer specialising in print-based in Nottingham in the United Kingdom.

During her time at University, she pushed her creativity into her design work and translated her personal experiences into inspiration for her first collection.

Nowadays, her interest falls on stories which are different from her own. Her collections constantly incorporate themes from popular European culture, allied with ne-art elements. Each of her design began with a historical concept, and as she experimented with different composition of colour and fabric, she has created products with embedded ancient traits from past history.

Nowadays her passion for travelling and absorbing inspiration for her surroundings remain ongoing, her work is constantly inspired by the places she travels and the people she meets. Their identity, culture and lifestyle. Her unique eye for combining colour and fabric is evident through her work, with a playful attitude towards design her artistic flair is shown through her hand-drawn prints.