With personal enthusiasm for the outdoors along with ever increasing awareness of sustainabilty issues in the clothing and fashion industry. Lydia aimed to created a collection which enables all the function of performance garments without using standard plastic fabrics and components or PFCs. Lydia aims to bring sustainability awareness to the collection, targeting multiple issues which are prominent in the fashion industry. Firstly the use of none renewable fibres, plastics as the raw materials, secondly the use of Perfluorinated chlorides (PFCs) and third the huge carbon footprint created by global supply chains. In order to address these areas only fibres of natural origin will be used in fabrics and components and alternatives PFC’s will be used to enhance performnace in outerwear. The collection will also only be comprised of fabrics which have been sourced in a 25 mile radius of Huddersfield. The collection is aimed at a functional country based lifestyle and is to sit along aside the brand McNair Shirts.

Until summer 2020, whilst studying BSc Fashion Technology at Heriot Watt University, a focus on waste reduction and sustainability has always been pursued through various projects.

The design direction has come from the environment surrounding Huddersfield, which the collection is based on, utilizing the shapes often seen in the skyline such as mill roofs. Bringing together the industrial heritage and natural environment the colours are drawn from the natural environment and moorland surrounding the town. Lydia has conducted much technical research including seam types and seam sealing methods testing each with the bundesman shower test or hydrostatic head.