With a deep knowledge of the dye process and a keen eye for silhouette, Maisie Farrer is a recently graduated Textile designer based in Scotland.

Throughout her final year, Maisie explored the relationship of Punk and Couture - primarily the aesthetic and economic contrast, exploring their shared obligation to the handmade. Her works plays with these contrasting approaches while challenging femininity.

Her collections was inspired by punk ideology, she began translating its attitude into textiles using unconventional waste materials. Pairing industrial plastics with delicate, natural fabrics to play with the inherent qualities of these materials and their association, or lack of, with both masculine and feminine fashion.

Inspired by historical undergarments, such as corsets and bustles, Maisie experiments with a variety of stitching techniques looking to manipulate the fabric rather than the figure. Her pieces aim to allow fluid self-expression for all, which, she beliebves is what fashion, at its best, should be.