Maria Krasnaya Fashion is a designer from Russia, Moscow. She tells a story through the created clothes. All designer's projects are saturated with memories and nostalgia. She connects the past and the present using old archival photographs or old fabric gathering techniques.

In the designer’s graduation collection 20/21, she talks about her family, her homeland and her roots. Old photos from the album, national costumes, ancient castles and archival photographs of Maria inspired her to create a collection about Minsk, Belarus, where she was born. The entire collection is very delicate and light, conveys the nostalgia and mood of the designer.

The collection is made of lightweight, flying fabrics. The collection used many hand techniques and textures. Gathering of the fabric looks very light and delicate, although in the original it is made of linen and looks much heavier. The shaggy handcrafted fabric feels like wool and weave, but it is actually a lightweight organza. The colour palette of the collection is very delicate and bright at the same time. The silhouettes in the collection are inspired by the looks of the designer's great-grandmother, and the structure of the Belarusian castle with spiral staircases and small windows.