Marie Melcore is a multidisciplinary designer. Her aspiration for the biological world started with an interest for bio-morphological schemes. After graduating in Graphic and Textile Design in France, she joined the first promotion of MA Biodesign at Central Saint Martins. Therefore, her research evolves within a cross-disciplinary context joining science, technology and different design categories. She is currently working towards the development of bio-based and responsible materials to achieve better ecological performance.

At the intersection of biomimicry, material science, new systems thinking and regenerative design, her project Under (the) line aims at bioremediating air pollution in indoor public spaces. By evolving through a bio-circular economy, the project only uses local, renewable and bio-based resource. Through a self-sufficient filtration system, the innovative urban furniture she proposes and the pollution it can store are reusable as pastels. To design beyond the filtering process and to rehabilitate air pollution as a resource for a new type of pigment.