With a keen eye for repurposing waste, Marta Torrent Boix is a recently graduated in MA Material Futures. She is a product designer and maker from Barcelona but she is now based in London.

Until Summer 2020, when Marta was pursuing her MA in Material Futures at Central Saint Martins, she had always been focused on exploring the potential of e-waste as a raw material to build new objects and machines.

Her collection of artefacts are built to serve as tools in a ceramic workshop. She has always enjoyed working with clay, but in the lockdown she did not had access to a ceramic workshop, so she decided to build her own. Now she is working with this peculiar collection of machines making this unique ceramic pieces.

For this collection named “Urban Mines” she has made three main artefacts. The collection consists in two machines: a pottery wheel made with a scrap washing machine and a clay extruder built with a vacuum cleaner and a multifunctional table, made with a microwave.

Urban Mines highlights the contrast between the intangible and mechanical part of e-waste and the tactile part of ceramics. Through this project she has been able to combine old craft with technology to create unique ceramic pieces.