Martí Salip Ventura has recently graduated with BA(Hons) Fashion & Textiles Design from Gray’s School of Art in Aberdeen, Scotland.

With sustainibility deep rooted in his upbringing it naturally influenced the way in which he has always perceieved the fashion world and approached his way of living. Salip’s parental figures have always been heavily involved in social and environmental activism which grew his awareness of the impacts the fashoin industry has. With this in mind he was determined to create work that aligned with this attitude; ethical clothing that contributed in a positive way.

Martí Salip Venturas’ design ethos is deeply rooted in sustainability and personal identity.

Moving continuously throughout his adolesence left him with a sense of displacement. Born in a country too alien too call home he finds himself now a forgeiner to both that land and the country he lives in.This has urged him to see a deeper meaning to the garments he dresses his body with, making a conscious effort to utilise clothing that is second hand or disregarded. Those materials that were cast away and temporarily lost paralleled with this sense of displacement.

Salip grants these garments a new life integrating them with his own style and identity resulting in the focus of his collection being the bond between the story of the clothing and the wearer.