Maxwell Shoroye, also known as MAXSHO is a DJ and designer from Dublin, Ireland based in London.

Maxwell pursued his interest in design in his BA in Product Design at UCA and focused on Menswear fashion at the Royal College of Art. He has always been interested in combining his musical interest and Nigerian heritage within his work. Exploring new possibilities within design.

Maxwell Shoroye (b. 1998) is a sound and music enthusiast, he uses his experience from DJing to mix, blend and create a new of design thinking. Shoroye develops ways to depict the invisible sounds that surround us with digital programming, utilising sound as a tool to realise abstract ideas. By using sound as a brush to paint different landscapes, Shoroye highlights its importance in everyday culture and society.

Employing music as a passport to explore different times, emotions and worlds. Shoroye investigates his Nigerian heritage through his work, he uncovers the unsung pioneers of Afro-psychedelic Rock, developing a social exchange between music and fashion.