Megan Capaldi-Tallon is an English fashion designer, based in Portsmouth City, having graduated from The University of Portsmouth with a BA (Hons) in Fashion and Textile Design.

Both her graduate collection and subsequent projects have been inspired by the butterfly; a symbol of life and the soul. This collection is a personal response on what the butterfly means, a token to represent the memory of a close loved one – in particular the blue morpho.

Her garments are a physical embodiment of the word ‘flutter’, and encapsulate the butterfly through the smallest of movements. Texture is also a large feature within Megan’s collection, through the combination of various fabrics such as velvet, mohair and silky satins.

Megan is currently working on growing her collection further and is looking to expand on her experience within the fashion industry before launching her own brand. Her mind now focuses on how to make garments sustainable, without compromising on design.