With an interest in distorting the eye and diffusing the line between real life and the surreal. Megan Cummings is a womenswear designer, although not wanting to strictly adhere her designs to one gender she encourages anyone to wear her creations.

Megan Cummings graduated from Arts University Bournemouth in 2019 with a digital fashion degree. During her time studying digital fashion design, Cummings focused on advancing her creative pattern cutting skills and developing laser cutting techniques to produce dynamic silhouettes.

Her spring summer 20, six outfit capsule collection entitled ‘Microdose’ has taken inspiration from psychedelic film Read Only Memory by John Maybury. The film takes the viewer on an acid trip, this collection reflects the trip with each outfit representing a different phase of the journey and its unique elements with all the moods, illusions and sensations one may experience; unified by its colour palette.