PUBLIC. SAINT. is founded by Womenswear Designer Megan Marshall and is a Brand fueld by faith producing modestwear with an edge.

Megan was raised in Essex and moved to the Island of Guernsey at 8 years old with her Dad and Step Mum which had a massive impact on her life. After nearly 6 years she moved back home to live with her family in Essex where she completed a 4 year Art & Design course at Havering College. After now becoming a recent Fashion Design Graduate at University of East London, Megan wants to focus on launching her Brand and gaining experience in industry.

The decisions for everything in the Brand always starts with God. As a Born Again Christian after a few near death experiences and supernatural experiences Megan’s faith is her foundation and her strength. She is inspired mainly by historical references, art and reinventing the concept of modestwear.