Meghna Menon describes her work, ‘Unpicking Wardrobes’ as a conversation that evokes a realization of the distant nature of humans with their materials. She graduated from Chelsea College of Arts, last September 2021 pursuing MA in Textile Design with a deeper understanding of sustainability.

Her work revolves around cherishing discarded garments and recognizing them as materials to make with, thus increasing their lifespan. She uses craft as a method to question her materials and understand them.

The consumer’s perception of value is more than what can be read on a price tag. She believes it is important to realize the number of hands involved in making the garments we own and provoking a sense of responsibility, can prevent people from discarding their garments prematurely. Her work looks at learning across two platforms; learning about one’s own garment/clothing and learning to make value out of it through craft.

Meghna considers craft as an important tool to communicate design thinking. She perceives it as a way of studying, observing, exploring, and understanding the material world. Her interactions with craft are firstly, through practice, which aim to understand the materials and bringing them to a functional form. Secondly, the underlying qualities it instigates, stimulate her practice.