London College of Fashion Graduate, Miette Farrer, is a fashion textiles designer exploring the possibilities of material surface and sculptural textiles through process driven design. Textiles are created with an attention to beauty, precision and the handmade - exploring craft techniques and modern technologies in combination to create innovative textile surfaces.

An underlying focus of sustainable practice encourages the upcycling of materials, hand dying and painting of fabrics, and other slow processes. Her Australian background has instilled a passion for nature and the Australian landscape, playing a vital role in inspiring her designs. A theme of creating fabrics in innovative ways runs through the design practice, where embroidery is used in modern, unexpected ways to create intricate surfaces, often from discarded fabrics or yarns.

The narrative of self and authentic expression of femininity are ongoing influences. The balance of the delicate and bold, minimal and eccentric are constant elements playing into the designs, with the desire to appeal to a range of women. In this sense, Miette aims to make material driven garments and accessories that engage and connect the wearer.

In a gallery space, the possibilities of sculptural textiles are explored, with the introduction of modern technologies such as 3D drawing and printing alongside traditional hand embroidery. Textiles in this context champion embroidery and craft as a valid form of fine art. Influenced by narrative, experience and human connection, Miette’s work aims to intrigue and inspire, create beauty and enjoyment for the viewer, and make us consider our connection to the self and those around us.