With a keen eye for detail and intricacy, Millie Wootton is a recently graduated Womens-wear designer based in Cardiff.

Until Summer 2021, when Millie was pursuing her BA in Fashion Design at Cardiff Metropolitan University, she had always been focused on how a garment was constructed and what it took to produce high end, couture fashion.

Her collection explores the techniques used in traditional Edwardian dress incorporated with aspects of sustainability. Using fabrics such as biodegradable raffia, organic cotton and bamboo, not forgetting aspects of leather for that 1950s rock n roll look.

Using key themes from the 1950’s Teddy Girls and traditional Edwardian attire, Millie explored various different techniques such as crochet, leather honeycomb smocking and corsetry, giving the garments depth and purpose. Her collection also used fabric choice and silhouette to really capture the British subcultures traditions.